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white tires

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anyone seen any of the hobbyset in the stores yet? suppose to be out in august.
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I believe these are starting to hit shelves as a member of CB has posted a couple for trade. Hope this helps you.

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thanks for the reply,but i think this is an older set.(grocery getters)i think theres suppose to be a new set with some new castings coming out.
White tires

Yes, it is a new set with 6 new castings in 2 different colors each. I don't believe these are in stores yet though. Check out 1 Stop Diecast. I would love to get both of the white tire '62 Catalinas. If anyone can help please e-mail me. [email protected] :thumbsup:
Yes, those are from last year CB.

You can tell on the MM's as the 2 numbers before the - are the year

GG03-03 = Grocery Getters 2003 car # 03

This works for all of the Funline cars (I think)
thanks for the info guys.i didnt know that about the numbers,pretty cool.
04 White Tires .......

I Gotta Hold Of 1stop To See Where My Order Was ??? I Was Told That It Will Be A Week Or Better Before They Even Get These ... But They Should Be In The Hobby Stores By The End Of The Month.
cool! i guess i'll start checking.
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