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I have the following W/L's for trade:

MOMC Street Freaks Zingers 69 Dodge Daytona (Purple with white wheels and interior)
MOMC Coca Cola Holiday Ornaments VW Samba Bus (White wheels and base)
MOMC Street Freaks Mooneyes VW Bug (White Wheels and White Interior)

Looking for the following White Lightnings

Mopar Or No Car Series 5 - 70 Challenger (Purple with white interior and gold wheels)
Project in Progress 69 Camaro Convertible
Coca Cola Vintage 49 Mercury
Will look at pretty much any offers of 67-69 Camaros, 60's - 80's Corvettes, 60's and 70's Mopars, please no Clue or Spiderman W/L's.

Please email offers to [email protected]

Thanks :devil:

Proud Member of the GTR :devil:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts