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I have the following white lightning's for trade, looking for these three cars from the Street Freaks Zingers S-7 white tires/ white rims.

1. Yellow cuda
2. Pink Charger
3. Green Firebird

Trade Board, all white lightning's.
1. CG 1967 GTO, black cherry, S-404-06, 1 edge ding, otherwise fine.
2. CG 404-15 Pontiac Firebird TA, momc.
3. Popular Hot Rodding 1965 Yellow Nova, momc.
4. Popular Hot Rodding Maroon 1969 Camaro, momc.
5. Scooby Doo Van, S-1, momc.

6. Nash Bridges orange Cuda, momc.
email me if you have em and want to trade, I will trade multiples to even the trade.
[email protected]
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