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1/24th scale 66 nova red with white tires and rims
1/24th scale 70 challenger white body- traded
working class trucks and suv's 69 blazer- traded
zinger 55 chevy white body
chevy thunder 70 nova white base and interior
thunder wagons rumbler white tires white base
thunder wagons bad news white tires white base
class of 57 nomad white interior
class of 57 corvette white interior
pony power 5 pack w/l's all five loose
69 convert camaro
99 camaro
69 cuda
65 mustang
73 mustang
electric blue's
dodge dart
57 chevy.
looking for zinger white lightning's,elvis white lightning's,spoiler white lightning's, black with flame white lightning's, 06 th's and rlc bus's.
e-mail [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts