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Grateful Dead Desoto Fireflight WL $30.00

1979 10th Anniversary Pontiac Firebird (silver) white int, white base. (3 sm dings) $25.00

Spiderman 1977 Chevrolet G-20 Van WL (white rims, int) X2 $16.00ea

Spiderman 1999 Dodge Viper WL (white rims, interior) X2 $18.00 ea

Ragtops S2 1953 Buick Super WL (white rims, int) $20.00

Mopar or No Car S3 1967 Belvedere GTX WL (white base) $30.00

Muscle Cars USA 205-04 1969 AMC Javelin WL (white engine) $25.00

Clue 1999 Dodge Viper MR Green WL (white rims, base) $30.00

35th Anniversary 2002 Camaro Convertible WL (white base, white line tires) 2 small creases $25.00

Classic Gold S22 1966 Ford Fairlane WL (gold rims, white rims) $35.00

Street Freaks Black W/Flames 59 El Camino WL (white rims, interior) $85.00

Americana Coca Cola 1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertible WL (white rims, interior) $OLD

Willy's Gassers II 1941 Willy's WL (white rims, base, interior) $25.00

Custom PT Crusier 2003 372-01 WL (white base, gold rims) MONMC $20.00

Mooneyes 460-01 1941 Willys WL (white rims, base) $75.00

50th Anniversary 1971 Corvette grey WL (white rims, interior) MONMC $30.00

2004 New Cars Lightning Strike 390-02 Escalade WL (white rims, interior) $25.00

Vintage Coke series 309-06 1929 Model A WL (white base, interior) $OLD
Vintage Coke series 309-06 Lincoln Premier WL (white base, interior)MONMC $OLD

Vintage Coke Series 309-06 1949 Mercury Coupe WL (white base, interior) $OLD

Americana Coke collection 1970 Mustang Fastback WL (white tires, interior) $55.00

1941 Willy's pink Pickup WL (white rims, base, interior) MONMC $40.00

All prices are PLUS SHIPPING. I will work with you on multiple WL's on shipping and price. Email me @ [email protected] or PM me. Thanks, James
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