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white lightning question

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ive heard a few rumors but is it true that there will be no more wl;s people who got the news flash said in there it says white lightnings will be no longer made

why would they do that ???
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Yeah,it's sad for the WL collectors.
Once again, cost enters the equation.
Plus, RC2 wants to drop the chase car idea and implement the extra revenue into new castings.

hope this helps.
hey, you can believe exactly what is in the newsflash....
ok thanks i got it all straight now

i was told it isnt true it was said that the info was on top of page 7 but was also told newsfalsh is only 6 pages nice try guys u had me about to look for a new hobby lol
crap,that's why I emailed you with the info.
so you could play along.

Yep. When I read "page 7" I knew what was going on. new Flash sitting right next to me, just kinda kept quiet about it.
Oh...... I called RC2/PM and yelled at them because I didn't have page 7 in my NF...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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