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1/12th KSG
  • This car has the most tweaking options of all 1/12th's.
  • You can fit ALL electronics on the left side.
  • The slider version is somewhat limited for sliding due to it's rear crossbrace design. (Batteries/rear crossbrace prevent the slider from going rearward to it's full potential)
  • The car flexes ALOT! Controlling the car through the suspension is not as precise as you might want it to be.
  • Poor design of the bottom motor plate as it was designed for buttonhead screws! The lack of graphite material prevents countersinking and the use of flathead screws! So you have terrible ground clearance due to buttonheads.
  • Hard to get parts for. You should really buy 2 kits because getting parts is like pulling teeth.
  • Uses 1/10th scale T-plates. It seems KSG was lazy and didn't bother adjusting the design for 1/12th T-plates. 1/10th T-plates are unecessary, a little heavier, and can make centershock mounting options reduced which usually means heavier shock mounting as well.
Many people feel the KSG is the best you can get. Even with all of it's shortcomings, I would have to agree. This is what I run now.
It can be purchased through your local hobby shop or Lefthander-RC.

IRS Oval

  • Most durable, rigid, simple chassis design.
  • Room for half of your electronics on the left side.
  • Easy to get parts.
  • Batteries touch the rear upright support making it limited to make them sit low as possible. (close to perfect, but not quite)
I consider the IRS oval the "perfectly average 1/12th car". I love this car, I have built and raced many of these.
It can be purchased through your local hobby shop or teamirsrc.com. (You'll need to put many pieces in your shopping cart to come up with a full car.)

1/12th CRC Razor II

  • Lightest 1/12th oval kit available!
  • Easy to get parts
  • No room for the electronics on the left!!! (What was CRC thinking!)
This car can be fast because it is light, but I ultimately got rid of it due to the lack of left side graphite which prevents putting electronics on the left.
It can be purchased through your local hobby shop or teamcrc.com.

1/12th CRC Razor I

  • Can be used for oval and road course
  • Room for half of your electronics on the left side.
  • Batteries are not fully extended to the left.
The biggest complaint most people have with this car is the battery tray. The batteries do not fully reach to the left. It might be better for banked oval.
Out of production. It can be purchased used through the forums or on e-bay.

1/12th Mini Mav

I don't have any personal experience with this one, but I have my eye on it big time! This is the only other car that has room for full electronics on the left side. Parts may be hard to find, as I've never seen them carried online anywhere (other than the manufacturer).
Great info and pictures here:

1/12th Hyperdrive
I don't have any personal experience with them, so I can't comment. Their web site has limited information.
Apparently, they have 3 kits:
HK-9000, BV-1125-5S (no room for left side electronics), and the new SSE-Pro3 Slider (no pictures or info on their web site)

1/12th Outlaw 0'07
No room for left side electronics.

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E mail Doug Powell At PRC we are coming out with a 12 scale oval car called the sling shot.
This car Tq'ed the Speedway spectacular at Daytona on 2 weekends ago on it maiden race ( asphalt) . Many good things to come.

Its a young company but we would like to offer you quality service in a timely manner. We have time to listen and make custom changes if requested.

We also can make custom replacements of any other type car. So if you have a rare car and need a special part we can be of service.

[email protected] attention Doug P.

Hector Garcia.
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