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I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted any updates, and with a bunch of projects in various stages, along with recent acquisitions continuing to pile up on the work bench, it's been tough keeping up.

Anyway, FDMB, Baynard Police, and FHP have really had their hands full as this Pokémon craze continues:

Damsel in Distress on Keys Blvd.

Texting while driving? Another case of Foreigner Behind the Wheel of a Rental Car?

Nope, this one will be attributed to a Pokemon Go related tragedy. She was so intent on catching Squirtle that she walked right out into traffic.

Luckily, that Letter Carrier paid attention in the Combat Lifesaver Course when he served in the US Army.

Worst part of it all... with no protective case on her IPhone 6, she'll have to start the hunt all over again.

Baynard Motors
Keys Blvd.
Mystic Beach

Bounder Vs. Pokemon Go Pedestrian

Pokemon Go Game Over

Witnesses stated, and traffic cameras confirm, the pedestrian walked right out into traffic, with his head down in his phone.

Worst part is, the road is temporarily closed.

Turns out the RV driver is not from the area and was just trying to find John P's...

Apparently, the driver of the Bounder realized he was on a closed road and panicked, just about the same time the Pokemon player tried to dash across.

Driftwood Road
Mystic Beach

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