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We got a little bit of information on what new castings are coming from fest, and I was able to dig up a little info online about some new programs (see below) It seems though that last October we got a listing of specific cars that were scheduled for each release. I need to know what to put on my shopping list. Any ideas?

Hot Rods 2 R1
Monopoly 70th Anniversary (12 car set)
Muscle Cars V R7

Classic Gold 27
Coke International (12 car set)

Chevy Thunder R2
High Performance Pontiac R1
Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell (12 car set)

Mopar or No Car R6
Sixties Sizzle R1
Star Trek Battle Damaged

Hot Rods 2 R2
Muscle Cars V R8
Trivial Pursuit (12 car set)

Firebirds R4

Classic Gold 28
Mopar Muscle R10

Chevy Thunder R3

Holiday Classics 05 (12 car set)
Muscle Cars V R9
Mustangs and Fords R1 (dumb name considering Mustangs ARE Fords)

Sixties Sizzle R2
Mopar or No Car R7

Chevy High Performance R1
Firebirds R5

Classic Gold 29
Trucks and SUVS R2 (I have no idea about R1?)

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I'm wondering why there are no more releases of Showroom Cars? I liked that series. I did find out that the Ford GT and mystery new car were bumped from 05 R1 to be replaced by another H2 and Mini (peg hanger!), but the Lancer EVO is gone (smell ya!). I hope the tail lights have been made 05 specific (the amber rear turn lenses are gone), and I seriously doubt the GTO base has been updated to feature the dual exhausts exiting one from from each side. Also, it seems as if the 84 H/O has been bumped from CG R26, I hope it makes a showing soon.

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Cool, thanks for the list. I don't see the 84 H/O on there, or any more variations of that casting, which doesn't make me too happy. I do see a 68 and 71 Cutlass, I didn't know they were able to do a 68 off the same casting, or maybe there are two? I see they snuck in a Galaxie and a 66 Impala I hadn't heard they were doing. I'll finally get my 67 Toronado, and a Hornet. Overall, alot of stuff I'm looking forward too. Still no Monaco sedan unfortionately:(. I saw a nice stock one parked all by itself the other day green with a black top, but I didn't have a camera with me to snap a shot.

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bsmith13 said:
Just a guess about Mustangs and Fords, but that's the name of a magazine...maybe they are "Cover Cars"?

Yea, I know. But I figured that I would just leave the name "Primedia" until I can confirm the names of the series since they'll probably come from one of their mags anyways. :thumbsup:

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Yeah, the wheels are really starting to annoy me. Mostly the ones they put on the '79's. They'll probably end up using the wheels from the TATA.

Hopefully they'll read this and do it right, or maybe PMS can put a word in for us. :D

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Well, that just saved me $ and a few trips to TRU. Thanks!

Inciteful said:
Nope, sorry. They are only offered in plastic. :cry: Would be nice to match them up to releases 1 and 2 though...
Bob, do me a huge favor and tell Geoffrey that I said Hi.

BOBB36 said:
Firebirds release 3 is not a TRU exclusive, unless of course I own a TRU that I dont know about. :thumbsup:

answer to the question is NO.
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