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Based in Hong Kong, Wheeler is described as one of the lesser known diecast makers.

In the 1970s and 1980s, they issued a 1:66 scale sized series of exotic sports car models. Noted to be of simple design. They came in a basic one color paint scheme with no added graphics. The casting bodies were about 2.5" in length. Interiors used are just the seats with the rear axle often visible thru the back window. Information included on the black plastic base are the casting name, 'Wheeler' and 'Made in Hong Kong'. Some of the castings are similar to ones previously issued by Corgi Junior, Matchbox Superfast, and Tomica offered castings from the 1970s. Universal Group is thought to have been the maker of this range of castings offered by Wheeler.

The LeMans racer is noted to resemble the Monteverdi Hai and is (1) of (4) known casting errors made by Wheeler. This one has Wheller (sic) used on the base plate. The 2nd known error is the Dodge Charger issued with a 'Corvette' base plate name. The 3rd errors is the miss named Ford GTTO (sic).

Other models released are the -

Datsun 126X
Dodge Charger (Chevrolet Corvette)
Ford GTTO (sic)
LeMans Racer
Monte Carlo Special
Saab Sonett II
Siva Spyder
Toyota FX3
Toyota 2000GT
Vauxhaull Guildsman

A second larger sized (?) series is know with the Wheeler circled 'W' logo found on their chromed plastic bases. Some of these models were found in Wheeler's "Road Aces" series. These same models were known to have been issued by AMSI and Gordy also, but as Universal made castings. These castings used several tampo designs - "Flash", "Bandit" and "Cosmos" that were still being used by Realtoy and Welly in the mid 2000s. At least (7) casting models are known in this series. Most are peviously issued ERTL castings.

AMC Pacer
Cadillac El Dorado
Corvette Stingray
Firebird Trans AM
Ford Mustang
Ford Pinto Van (?)

Another Wheeler brand offering was a tractor trailer rig issued in (6) different variations by Sun Line (sic).

The Wheeler "Collecta-A-Car" range was similiar to the Tootsietoy Jam Pac models. They came in a picture box holder that worked like a match (stick) box as a slide out tray fom either end.

Around the end of the 1970s, Shackman (possible aka as B Shackman) also issued a (12) car "Mighty Midget" (?) series called "Collecta-A-Car". Like the Tootsietoy Jam Pacs they did not have a base plate and wheels were attached to axle posts inside the body piece. A circled 'W' is found on the inside of the body piece and attributed to Wheeler as a Universal brand offering (?).

A Ford truck casting model offered was based on the Yat Ming version and was #ed M1006 and identified as the 3rd of (4) known errors as 'WHEEIER' - (an I instead of the L). It was later also issued by Universal in several different series, without the mispelled 'WHEEIER' markings. This was often replaced by Ford or still only had the M1006 # marking.

In the 1980s, a Wheeler brand line called "Super Kings" was issued. This contained a new tractor trailer rig casting design with the Wheeler circled 'W' found on the trailer piece.

In the early 1980s, Myco Int'l, a distributor base in Carnegie, Pennsylvania issued "Road Aces" as free wheeling Hong Kong made castings with the circled 'W' logo on their bases.

Graco Toys is an American based distributor with offices located in Cincinnati, Ohio; Los Angeles, California; and San Antonio, Texas. They issued Wheeler made castings on a (2) pack fold over card with heavy plastic wrap used to hold the castings in place. On top of the card fold was a lable of "Fastwheel" and the tag lines of 'really fast diecast' and 'heavy duty, finest details'. No time frame is given for their operations.

An unspecified relationship with Larami is also made..

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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