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Lookout the Mac is Back!!
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McRooster said:
So far all the new stuff has wheel/tire variations.It's just more for wyatt to hunt down and put on his site.

Not true

VW R4 - no
Mopar or No Car - No
Muscle Gold R4 - No
Muscle Gold R5 - No
Trucks & SUVs 6 - No
Johnny Retro - No
Coke Drives to the Beach - No
Pony Power 1 - no
Dukes of Hazzard - No

Muscle Cars R12 - Yes
Classic Gold 33 - Yes
60s Sizzle 4 - Yes

Unsure about Modern Muscle, the only pictures I have seen are Russ' and he never shows the variations, just one or the other

and i believe Bobby sends Wyatt the variations also, so he doesn't have to hunt them at all to keep us all supplied with great pictures
1 - 6 of 6 Posts