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agreed with f91: an epoxy putty is the way to go. try getting some from a plumbing suppy, because the stuff available at the hardware store is often old and very hard to mix and manipulate. the best stuff is aves "apoxie sculpt" (or their "apoxie clay" or "fix -it"... all different varieties of the same stuff) available online at www.avesstudio.com

the uipshot is that you mix the 2 parts of the epoxy putty togther. it feels a lot like a soft plastilina. you'll have anywhere from 30 to 45 mins to manipulate and sculpt it (depending on the type you purchase), in 3 hours its hard, and in 24 hours its totally cured. it gets stiffer as you go during that 30 -45 minute window, so you can refine the shapes, and you can always add more later as it bonds to itself. once its completlyu cured you can sand, carve, or drill it if you wish. the finished part is much harder and less brittle than polymer clays like fimo and sculpy.

its a great way to make a one of a kind plastic part, which eliminates the need for a mold. (i sculpted night life's "lurking vampi" kit entirely in apoxie.)
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