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I've got 3 NX 01's just sitting in their boxes at the moment. I'll have time to get excited about them when I complete some other projects. At the moment I'm working on:
*an Aliens Space Jockey by Halcyon
*an Invaders UFO diorama, with the UFO all lit up. This is almost complete, am working on the photographer. I've just carved a 2mm wide SLR camera & telephoto lens for him. Ordered my HO scale birds from "Little Critters" in Canada yesterday.
*another Invaders UFO diorama. This time not lit, but almost totally buried in the earth. The army has found it and are trying to etricate it.
*a Slave 1 kit - am about mid way finished. Engines and cockpit light up. This will be presebted in a large asteroid field diorama.
*on order...my next project - a Jedi Starfighter, to go in the asteroid dio, being chased down by Jango Fett. I think I'll title it, "Get 'im dad"!
*on order...my next simultaneous project - another Slave 1, but done up as Boba Fett's ship in SW V.
*Fully lit (interior) shuttle Tyderium.
*a 27" wingspan BOP - this is a long term project as the resin, by Warp, isn't the greatest quality. Still, I like the size.
*then my NX 01's -one regular, one as seen in the episode "Damage" and the third a hybred version - a cross between the NX 01 the the TOS Enterprise.
*long, long term project - my Borg cube/crashed Defiant confrontation.

Oughta keep me busy for a while.
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