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What type of car do you own

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own? as in have, but dont really run? ok then...

Tamiya boomerang: in a box in our garage. Im scared to run it because I might break something and never get it fixed.

Duratrax evader st: in pieces in my tool box. Bits and pieces have been used for science olympiad robot ramble. mostly drivetrain.

Various radioshack cars: ?

Hobbico microsizer: ? Had if for about a week, had a bunch of people over one weekend, never saw it again. :-(

Yokomo MR4-tc (non-sd): sitting in my mom's car, waiting for a drift session after school tomorrow :)

Traxxas e-maxx: on the ground by my tool box, covered in dust (not because I havnt used it, but because I took it up to the mountains where it was really dusty and havnt bothered to take the air compressor to it)

/me thinks thats it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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