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In the past I have decided to clean my truck/car and completely dismantled it. This very time consuming, OK, but you ask what else do you have to do. Being married these past 36 years I’ve found a couple of other interests. So if we break up this major cleaning event into smaller pieces we can manage it better.

I know that this reeks of a maintenance schedule but it has worked for me for a long time. Let’s start with the front end. Before we start the allen wrenches twisting lets look at, and for some specific things.


After you take the wheels off, look to see of there is any slop in the front spindles. Wiggle it in all directions and if you think it is loose then shim it or replace it. Next grab the ‘A’ arm and move it forward and back and again if it is too loose then shim it or replace it.

I have an older servo in my truck and there is a little slop the steering action. The only way to fix that part of the steering is to replace the servo. Here is why. The gear set has been replaced but it is still a little sloppy. The initial drive gear that is attached to the servo motor is a little worn in the tooth mesh. When you multiply it out to the steering axle you will see the slop. Until I can save enough for a replacement I will just learn to live with it.

The ball stud/cup is another area too look at carefully.

The cups are plastic; the studs are metal, the cups will wear faster and they are cheaper so they can be replaced often. I know that those “Foam Things” (linkage rings) sometimes spoil the ‘cool look’ but they really do keep a lot of dirt out, so use them, and if you are a real clean freak, you can wash them clean again.

Now look at the shock balls (Swivel Suspension Balls) they wear too, actually the cups (Shock Bottoms) wear more and can be replaced. The balls will last a lot longer.

Check all of the plastic parts for stress fractures (cracks) and check to see that all of the suspension pins are straight (no binding) replace if needed. Button it all back up and Happy Racing,

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