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While I know that it is tedious, and I do a lot of maintenance every week, there are still a lot that can be done. Get out those bags of tires, (I’ve been keeping my truck tires in ‘gallon’ size ZIP top freezer bags).

This works well and keeps them soft and ready. I try to wash them before putting them in the bags, but once in a while I miss. So first I run them through the “Rubber Maid” brush bucket. Dry them off on an old towel and then check them for wear. I look to see if they have become practice tires yet, or there is still enough tread for racing. Then I look for spots where the glue has let go and repair the spot. One more good look over and then a spritz with ‘Simple Green’, then pat them dry and into the Zip Bag.

I used to use felt tip marker to ID each bag, but now I use a grease pencil like the butcher used to use for marking meat packages, because it can be changed. I try to keep matching fronts and rears in each bag, you know reds with reds and silvers with silvers, etc. I have also found it helpful to use the felt tip marker to mark the inside of the wheel so I don’t get them mixed up. I use a little code like R-6-R or R-6-L (Red - #6 {any # will work just to keep them matched up} - L or R for left or right.

Over the years, I have accumulated kit boxes and some of them are heavy duty. I use these for storage of the ‘Bags-O-Tires’. Any box will work, I just ad these and wondered why they were sitting there just gathering dust, so I use them for storage.

Stay tuned for more.

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