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what should i use/t-jet super II brush tubes?

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:wave: hey tuners I just got this chassis from jag hobbies but i forgot to ask what do u use for brushes. tjet brushes do fit but there is no upward force against the arm.i've used contact shoe springs in lou of brushes before(they work good)i did try mag spring/brush combo,but just seemed to tall.so any idea what to use?i spect this is some type of super II set-up but i don't know never saw 1 close up. if you have set 1 of these-up i'd like to hear all about it!!!
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You' re right it is a Super II type set up. Straight springs will work but they will wear out the commutator plate. Magnatraction/Xtraction springs and brushes should work. It depends on what your rules allow and what you are trying to do with it i.e. an unlimited t-jet. You may want to contact the place you got it from and find out what they recommend.
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