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what should i use/t-jet super II brush tubes?

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:wave: hey tuners I just got this chassis from jag hobbies but i forgot to ask what do u use for brushes. tjet brushes do fit but there is no upward force against the arm.i've used contact shoe springs in lou of brushes before(they work good)i did try mag spring/brush combo,but just seemed to tall.so any idea what to use?i spect this is some type of super II set-up but i don't know never saw 1 close up. if you have set 1 of these-up i'd like to hear all about it!!!
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sjracer thanx for the conformation.i started to email jag hobbies but started lookin at the customizing forum then got lost,man those guys can create some cool cars!!the only rules around here is there are no rules.im just throwin stuff against the wall and see what sticks.im leanin towards springs in lou of the brush besides all i got is junk armatures.
steelwool? you mean like ball it up and stuffer in there? hey man ill try just about anything. bet ya it shines the arm real pretty like umhum!!
after an email to jag hobbies i did get the the correct set-up i did use magnatrak springs and brush combo, the worked perfect!! also added some shuntwires,and soon found thateven some arms that i had kickin around in a box that were destened to be rats turner pretty good rpm. the mags that i used orange/green (not the most powerfull)so in short im gonna get a handfull of these chassis and savem for some builds this winter.also ill try the wadded up steelwool and contact spring method. its kinda cool experimenting with junk i got hangin around!! thanx for the tip cj53
hey metz i agree the 1 that i have ,the brush is way tall but it doesnt seem to run that hot.think ill try sanding them down to see what happens.
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