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What is this?

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A gentleman gave this go cart to me a week ago and I want to get it running. The man thought it was an Ecko engine but didn't know for sure. I can't find any markings on the engine or the carburetor. Can anyone help me identify the engine and carburetor? Thanks for the help.


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It's likely a Chinese clone engine of some sort. It resembles a Mitsubishi and or a Maruyama engine. The carburetor reminds me of a cloned Walbro carburetor, as the genuine ones generally have a smoother more polished finish.
That is a Walbro carb. Carb kit # is K20-WYL
I know it LOOKS like a Walbro carburetor.

How would you know for sure. Can you see the Walbro numbers in the pictures?? I sure can't.

There are clone carbs out there that look just like the Walbro, but are not the genuine article.

How did you identify this one??
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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