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IIRC, Aurora did in fact seriously consider a Jupiter 2 kit but in the end, their marketing people came to the conclusion that the design was too simplistic to be very popular.

If Aurora had issued a J2 kit, I think it would've been over simplified to the point that it only vaguely might've resembled the ship we saw on TV every week (as great as the PL model was, we all remember those "parkbench" seats...a limitation of current molding technology...imagine that kit with 30 years less tech involved).

If they'd attempted something on the order of the kit Polar brought us, I think it would've left most of us frustrated. How many of us spent more than a year on our Polar kits?

But for the "cool memories" factor, yeah, I wish they'd done it!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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