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What color are your JLs?

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I tend to buy black 1:1 cars most often and really like some yellow cars. I have stayed away from yellow in 1:1s because of the usual burn-your-eyeballs yellow of most cars. MY toy/model collection is a different story however and about 20% of my 1:64s are black and 10% are yellow. My 1:64 collection is just around 200 cars so the pictures included show almost the entire collecion of that color. Not included are the carded items that will never be released.

Anyone else collect certain colors either by design or by natural tendencies?

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DadsCoronet said:
Makes perfect sense to me. (thanks to the mods for not pushing this over to the customizing forum!)

Funny story - years ago, my friend's father was painting his house. He wanted to do some detailing on the trim below the front porch roof. He says to his daughter (my friend), "Honey, go get me one o' yer tampoon things." Of course she was curious but got it for him. Next thing he does is dips the cotton end of the tampon in paint and applies perfectly round circles on the decorative trim!!
Kinda the same, huh??? :drunk:
Hey... whatever works!
I dont care what color. But 1:1 I really dont like green!!!
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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