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I got these two as part of a vintage group I bought with Aurora tjet chassis. Only one non Aurora body in the lot. They don't look like the Cigarbox cars I have.

Front screw post is shorter than a tjet
Rear screw post is taller than a tjet
Testors Plastic Cement works on these bodies like Tjets/Cigarbox cars
Both have "aftermarket" paint
Wheelwells are the same as tjets

The white car has more of a translucent look.

The plastic seems cheaper, possibly softer than a standard tjet. Speedline or?




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Tom (or should I say Bob Woodley?)-

It's hard to tell from the pics, but from your description and what I can see in the pics they both (white for sure) have all the signs of being one of the numerous styles of Aurora "push cars": cigar box, fast faster fastest, Speedline, Whistlers etc. All of which tend to have shorter screw posts then their slot car counterparts and yes the paint is not factory applied.

In all, some really nice looking specimens from the earlier "push car" molds.

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