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robmcin said:
we're here

wyatt (taking picture), triple20, 41willys, markhos, modsquad, geralde61, robmcin and Sherry of course

robmcin: I swear, moparmarc was this far away

geralde61: man, not this story again!!! :rolleyes:

modsquad: Maybe if I laugh THIS time, he'll shutup.

markhos: I don't care how many times I hear this, its FUNNY!!!! :roll:

triple20: Bill won a PSR, maybe I can get it while he's gone!!

wyatt: good, bill is out of the picture finally!!!

41willys: hey guys, wait for me!!!

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well, just me and I'm going to bed, another fest officially over and done with, once more not to see friends in person for a whole year, new friends to talk to and trad with, more memories for me in my old age.

Thanks to all who made my weekend wonderful!!!

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