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Well the bad news about my trip to the fest... is..

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The next day I lost my power steering... yup.. its gone... So I replaced the pump and the main belt, and it still isnt there. Looks like a Rack job for sure...

So I took the ole taurus and traded it in today... Got an 04 Olds Alero... Clearenced out at almost 25% off the sticker price... Even going upside down on the taurus {Dealer paid it off} My payment is only $12 more than the taurus payment is.

When you figure in the new car gets me an extra $200 a month out of my employer, I feel like its a good deal... ;)
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Lets see:
$200 per month from employer
-$12 per month additional payment
=$188 extra income per month to drive a new car!
Looks like you got one great deal on this one. 25% off sticker price(!), got rid of an older car with failing power steering, and extra income from the boss for driving a newer car.
Bonus:The dealer paid off your old car. :thumbsup:
Double bonus: trading in a Ford for a GM product, always a plus. :lol:
Hope you enjoy the Olds. :wave:
Ack, I had me power steering go out on the Johnmobile, had to limp her home, Let me tell you, it was not fun. But she's up and going again. Congrats on the new ride.
Hey Kenny
Sounds like you did very well. Congrats.
thats great kenny! congrats on your new car!! my aunt has a new alero and she just loves it!:thumbsup:
Sorry for your bad luck, but the Lord works in mysterious ways, and it was meant for you to enjoy a new car! (It's the payback for all you did at the Fest)

I sold an '03 Alero tonight to a previous customer, and they are tickled with it. Good luck with da new ride, Kenny!
Congrats on the car Kenny, sounds like a great deal!
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