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The last three years I have been selling at a big flea market over Labor Day weekend. This year my employer refused to give me the weekend off.

Went to mail some packages, forgot the post office was closed.

Went to the junk yard to get a part for my truck. They were closed.

Had an hour before work with nothing to do... so I stopped in the canned food warehouse. I took my time, browsing each aisle. I noticed some Jesse James cars which seemed odd. Thought about looking through them for any raw ones, thinking "not a chance", but checked anyways because I had nothing else to do. Scored a Outlaw 666. Finally... the day was looking better.

Got out of my truck to go to work.
and got the call that Grandpa died. :(

Man this labor day sucked.....

PS - is the Outlaw worth anything? I didn't find any on eBay yesterday...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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