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Carolina SLot Car Raceway , Pageland SC.

We're running two special events on March 3rd. 2007. We are having our second child and adult combined race.Along with the Adult USRA Truck race.

The junior racers, kids under 16 race in the morning and early afternoon on every Saturday and on Sat March 3rd we are holding our second adult child combined race. This will be the extreme wing class car. You and your adult or child partner run every lane for two minutes and which ever team leads the most laps is the winner. Easy as that. This is a 1/24 scale car with a winged body, 4" wheel base. Pro slot motors are the motors for this class. Tech opens a 5 PM and racing will start as soon as cars are teched in.This is great show for kids and adults and we always have a good time. Bring the family there are racing games, pinball machines, so there is something for almost everyone. We also have booths for your box lunches and take out. Bring a bucket of wings and enjoy the evening.

After the kids adult race will be the USRA rules truck race for adults. Tech will open 20 or 30 minutes after the kids and adult race so you can get some practice. Call the track for more info or for any rules questions. Talk to Gary, Beta , Bill , Mike , Josh , Glenn. Anyone should be able to answer your questions. Call 843-675-2662 you can also email the track at [email protected]. or email me at [email protected].

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