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WeIrD GlOwIng Bug...Aaaahhhhh

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Was messing around with the little blue LED light that they give you with those Hot Wheels Light Speeders..
..was shining it around my room last night and noticed some of my displayed cars would glow!
(sorry,blurry pic, was best I could do with a point n shoot camera in a darkened room)

This is the VW Bug from the old 100%/preferred series... is painted that bright orange color...

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Nice volkswagen beetle bug congrats.
That's an eerie black-light effect...pretty cool too! :thumbsup:
My groovy glowing Cougar might think it's on fire and come by and try to put it out.

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It's weird what glows and what does not when hit with the light...

Have a whole dispaly case full of 67 Camaros (Limiteds, RLC, mailine, all varieties)... and the only one that glows is the bright green Mod Bod (think it might be the same color as that Cougar)
Nice 69 mercury cougar eliminator congrats.
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