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It's time to Show Us Your
Single Favorite Hot Wheels Find Of The Week
for the week of 07 September through 13 September 2020!
As My Grandmother use to say, "Even a deaf mule can hear a fart once in a while!"
And that was the case this week when I heard the Toy Department folks at Walmart
tell some friends of theirs that two cases of 2020 Mystery Models 2s had just gone
out on the shelves. Of course they did not find them until the 'Deaf Mule' had scooped
them up and gone through them in the Bird Seed isle before returning them to the
almost non-existent Hot Wheels display area after scoring this

which goes down as the Deaf Mule's Single Favorite Hot Wheels Find of the Week!


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Here is my one single favorite hotwheels find for this week. I got it today from one of my friends at the flea market. 馃憤

Hotwheels collectibles 67 muscle cars 3 pack set.

1967 Camaro, in green+white.

1967 Ford mustang, in yellow+black.

And 1967 Pontiac GTO, in red+black. 馃憤
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