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!!!!The Event off the Summer !!!!!

If you only race once a year this is the one you can't pass up. All the top guns in the Dirt Oval world will be on hand for the biggest outdoor Dirt Oval event of the year.

This year's location is especially appealing as it's perfectly in between the two main concentrations of racers in NY and PA.

Do to the great sponsor support this year's event offers classes for Nitro and Small Body EDM racers along with the core six classes of the WDRA.

Lake Ariel Speedway
1162 Lake Ariel Hwy (Rt 191) Lake Ariel, PA 18436 570-698-7798

Customer Works Trophy Classes
EDM Sportsman (DODO 17.5 Spec)
EDM Outlaw (DODC 17.5 Stock)
EDM 358 (DODC 13.5 Spec)
Sprint (DODC Mod)
Pro Late Model (DODC 13.5 Stock)
Spec Late Model (DODC 17.5 Spec)

Tornado Fuel - Nitro Challenge Classes
Limited Late Model

Victory R/C Speedway Challenge
EDM 17.5 Small Body DODC Stock
EDM 13.5 Small Body DODC Stock
Sprint 17.5 DODC Spec

Saturday: Time Trials 2- 4 Minute Heats (No Resort)
Sunday: Resort 1 - Minute Heat, Concourse, Dash, Mains
A-Mains by laps - All others 4 minutes, Bump-ups per Track
Qualifying Format: Points System (Best 2 out of 3)
Mains: A-Main by laps - All others 4 minutes

Points: WDRASeason long points system
DODC National Points Race.
Rules: Full rules, and complete information posted on WDRARC.COM and DirtOval.com

See Ya.............At The Track


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I think we are all getting the restless. Can't wait.

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:thumbsup:Are we there yet
matter of fact we are there and having a good time, well maybe not Kenny. Qualfyiers went pretty good. Romo and I are sitting in the 3rd and fourth positions for the A with one more qualifyer to go tomorrow. Scott is getting his car running better is currently in position for a possible b main run.

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matter of fact we are there and having a good time, well maybe not Kenny. Qualfyiers went pretty good. Romo and I are sitting in the 3rd and fourth positions for the A with one more qualifyer to go tomorrow. Scott is getting his car running better is currently in position for a possible b main run.
And to the B main I ran right into the back of Kennys other car just kidding

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It was a fun weekend. Thanks to Kirt and wdra, and George, LA Speedway. you guys worked your butts off.
17.5 Outlaw A main. Now thats how to Man up.:thumbsup:

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I had an awsome time this weekend. great job by Kurt and the staff. Themost credit will have to go to George, that man worked his butt off to make it as good a show as it could be with the conditions we had,

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Event Overview

Put it in the books – the 2012 WDRA Summer Nationals has been completed.

But, it would not have been even a dream without the huge support of all the sponsors:
R/C Speedshop.com
Custom Works
Boca Bearings
Lefthander R/C
Tower Hobbies
Castle Creations
Greg Ellinger Collision
Victory R/C Speedway
Pemberton Racing Products
Tornado Racing Fuel
VM- Rome NY

Next we have to give a call out to George and the LA Speedway crew who fought their way through the worst drought in many years and the hottest and sunniest day of the year on Saturday to keep a racing surface under us. A HUGE Thank YOU !!!

And of course the “Staff” of the WDRA who met every challenge thrown at them all weekend (even the bad jokes about the new shirts) and solved each and every issue with speedy accurate professionalism. Not to mention hoe they kept my wheels under me all weekend and Mike St D for calling those races.

To say pulling off this event was easy would be the understatement of the R/C world year. We already mentioned battling the weather conditions that had the surface exhibiting symptoms the likes of which no-one had ever seen before. But with the experienced crew we got through it. On Saturday half way through round 1 the track we getting so dehydrated by the baking sun it was leaving a white “talc” like substance on the high side of turns 3-4 which was slipperier than black ice. We had to add a quick watering every few races to keep it at bay. We then called a 2 hour hold on the program to let the sun get behind the trees. The groove came in great and round 2 was a blast. On Sunday we were promised overcast conditions, but the only person less reputable than a politician is a weatherman, and sure enough by the start of round 3 of heats we were again battling a surface that continued to dry out and would not take a black grove no matter what we tried. So it was back to misting the surface between every race; but that worked as the surface went from ice during the dashes to very raceable for the mains.

Now the mains were another story as we ran late from all the extra track work and into the impending thunderstorms. We did have one small shower for a few minutes at the very start of the program that caused some confusion. But, the situation was covered in the WDRA policies published earlier this year that in the event rain interrupts the heats in-between a class, that class needs to re-run all races; as the racing surface can be drastically different for the heats remaining.

Overall the main racing was very competitive and the surface has enough traction for most to have car control, it was not fly paper; so this put a higher value on hitting your marks and consistency than on horsepower raw speed.

Down Side:
The weather, I know the racing Gods were actually with us as most of Sunday the radar pictures showed it should have been raining on us, but it held off. But Mother Nature made sure we knew who was really in charge with her bright sun and hot temperatures.

PA and local racers apparently penciled in the wrong date on their calendars. For a race held in a location that has some 300 racers within 3 hours it was disheartening; especially after all the positive buzz on the DirtOval threads when the schedule was announced last October!

Up Side
Those 76 who did show endured, overcame and concurred what has now been nicknamed the “Moody 1/2 Mile"

The qualifying best 2 out of 3 run point system, it made every round equally important regardless of how fast the track was.

One of the best outdoor R/C facilities any where!!

Great trackside home cookin!!

John’s Italian restaurant; great food and racer friendly too!

The group of CD R/C Racers (18 by my count) who supported the WDRA Summer Nationals. I can’t thank you guys enough or tell you how proud the club is of your performance. You are fantastic!!!!

To the Results
This year it was harder than ever to even get into the show. George and I talked about this for weeks and decided that a field of 6 cars would lead to better racing and not have an outcome determined by who did not get caught up in someone else incident. Therefore, 5 timed in and 1 bumped up. Watching the races unfold we are happy with the decision.

Congrats to the winners:
Mike St. Denis - EDM Sportsman 17.5 DODC SPEC (Rain Shortened)
Shilo Boyce - EDM 17.5 Outlaw
Mike Jeffry - Sprint 17.5
Bill Rockenstyre - Late Model 17.5 DODC
Eric Salvas - Sprint DODC Mod
Shilo Boyce - Late Model 13.5 DODC
Mike Jeffery - EDM S-B Outlaw 17.5 DODC
Dave Peek - EDM 358 13.5 DODC
Dave Robers - Nitro Sprint
Darrin Palmatier - Nitro EDM (Rained out, determined by Dash Finish)

Full results posted at http://www.dirtoval.com/forums/showthread.php?p=582548#post582548

Remember, the rest of us just ran out of laps or luck!

Speaking of luck, for the bad luck some Goody’s Headache Awards:
Ryan K is leading the EDM Sportsman A and looses traction spins when a very light rain began and I could not see it and did not call the races until a few laps later when it was brought to my attention.

Bill R who has a Late Model car destroyed in the last 2 minutes of practice Saturday night as he placed in onto the track in a “bad spot” and was Honey Badgered by a nitro EDM at full speed.

George who was absolutely dizzy and totally worn out with all the tarp moves and hose events all day Sunday.

That’s the view from the castle. Sorry I did not get the results posted sooner, but did not have uplink capabilities at the track and the hour delay on I-84 due to bridge construction made it too late for me by the time I got home.

Thank You again sponsors, track owner, track owner’s better half and most of all you racers for your support. The smiles on your faces make it all worth doing !
See Ya……..Aug 4 …….at The Track……..Victory R/C Speedway

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