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WDRA 2012 Race #8 Aug 4th at Victory R/C Speedway

Sponsored by Dippin Donuts of Rome NY.

1195 County Route 3, Hannibal, NY 13074

Note: County Route 3 runs just south and parallel of State Route 3 (be smarter than your phone)

Door open at 2:00 pm
Racing starts at 5:00 pm
There will open practice and controlled practice by class.

Racing format:
2 IFMAR style 4 minute heats.
5 cars qualify for mains with 2 bump ups from lower mains.
Qualifying is best 2 out of 2 points system to compensate for changing track conditions as we transition from evening into night.
Lower mains will be 4 minutes; A mains will be laps.
There will Award plaques for the top 3 finishers in the A mains.

There are 7 classes to choose from

6 Core WDRA Classes

  1. Sportsman 17.5 DODC Spec (Blinky) EDM Banned List applies
  2. Outlaw 17.5 EDM
  3. 358 13.5 DODC EDM
  4. Open Mod Sprint
  5. Late Model 13.5 DODC (Blinky)
  6. Late Model 17.5 DODC (Blinky) Banned List Applies.

Aux Class (No Plaques)
EDM Open Mod

  • Open Motor
  • Open Battery (ROAR Approved 2 cell lipo)
  • Open Body

Entry fee is $20 for first entry and $15 for each additional.

There will be door prizes from are great sponsors.

For any questions on rules or this event send Tom, Scott or Kirt C a pm

Check us out at WDRARC.com and are Facebook group WDRA RC Racing

On site
Food – Sat all Day Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Snacks
R/C Store

Pop-ups (most trees have been removed)
Lead Cords
You are welcome to bring your own food

Camping – Free no-hookups

Don’t forget, the regular Sunday night racing program will also be run for twice the fun !!!

See Ya..........Aug 4th in Hannibal.........At The Track

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For those who haven't witnessed the videos - you should. Track has mombo bite and is wicked fast. Modified EDM's make my mouth water...:thumbsup:

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Results and Ramblings

They came, they sweat, they waited, they sweat some more; but in the end they laughed, they cried, they raced and they raced some more until it was done.

What a great time at the Victory R/C Speedway for the WDRA Race #8 of 2012. Scott you should be proud as each year the facility looks better and better. The surface was awesome. I know the locals kept defending that it is usually better; but with a 70 car field and 2 rounds of heats starting an hour earlier you have nothing to defend. The track was very drivable and racy even if slightly different that a usual Sunday night.

Yes folks you read correctly, 70 entries for the second night race of the 2012 season. With these kinds of numbers we are seriously studying and analyzing for the 2013 season which is already in the planning stages.

Scott already posted, but I also want to thank “Dippin Donuts” the race sponsor brought to us by John Ellinger. This small Rome NY franchise went head over dounts when he saw some of the videos of our races and John’s first rate equipment and wanted to be apart of the excitement.

A super thank you for all the racers who endured one of the most challenging weather days for an Upstate NY race. But the mid 90 degree temperatures, suffocating humidity and blazing sun did not deter any of you!!! I really appreciate your understanding with delaying the start of the race an hour. Without that delay we would have lost the track before round 1 ever began and never would have been able to get it back. Yes we did have a few racers that had to pack it in before the mains could be completed as they would be locked out of the home for the night (inside joke), but all in all a great event.

Goodies Headache Awards

Hoagie S. He has a fast car but hits the wall on lap 5 of the Sportsman A main and blows the entire front end off it

Rick Elwood was a true gentleman all night. Not once, not twice, but in all 3 heats the multiple personal transponders didn’t count right. So in the main we see the same inconsistent behavior and put in a big house transponder. But when the pit crew pulled the power on the person they slightly dislodged the speed controller wiring and he had no real control of the car and had to pull in the EDM Outlaw B main.

Steve P. breaks when getting ready for the Sprint B and never gets a lap in

Mike St D. whose full size truck won’t re-start 4:15 in the am at Tom’s house. Even after jumping it the battery and electrical system is so hurting it won’t survive shifting into gear. Luckily it didn’t happen on the Thruway and we had to wait for Hotaling or Elliner –lol!!! I hope everyone made it home OK.

Steve R yes I know Steve didn’t make it, and that’s the real headache; not getting to the track to have the fun you look forward to for weeks when real life gets in the way. Hang in there big guy!

Tom R. works his butt off with PR for the series (yeah where do think all those door prizes come from) and Tech and still can’t get a good run in any of the three classes he enters.

Speaking of Sponsors…..how about all those door prizes! Thank you all and make sure you support all the sponsors (especially Dippin Donuts)
Boca Bearings
Peperton Racing Products
GPG Gary’s Precision Graphics
R/C Speedshop.com
Custom Works
TM Tires
Greg Ellinger Collision
VW of Rome NY

View from the Castle
Thanks to everyone for working through the rules. We have a couple of racers give up their first round to comply with the full DODC requirements; and a special thanks to those that loaned equipment to help these guys out. That part of auto racing has always impressed me.

We had some disappoints with the battery voltage interpretation, but everyone worked thru the issue and together we revised the policy for the main to everyone’s satisfaction. This will discussed further in the WDRA policy thread.

That wireless headset is awesome, I’ve gotta get me one of those!!

Thanks to all the “Staff” who tirelessly got you all through tech all night and still managed to race to some very respectable results. Super thanks to by main pit man Mike St D.

Some of the best heat racing of the year with a lot more giving than taking and drivers talking their way around traffic. It make it better for everyone and a race directors dream when you guys run this way….Thank YOU!

Way too many passes too far below the line, or what is supposed to be the line. Drivers defending the bottom by straddling the white line and brushes were getting passed by impatient drivers running 2 car widths below the line. Next year we won’t be mowing the grass or adding something to slow that move down.

I heard the advice and will apply it going forward by putting some of the more powerful classes up earlier in the round so they can put the power down. This is a little challenging as the higher attended classes are the lower hp ones and they need to run their lower mains first for bump-up reasons and running those later screws up the re-charging time. But we’ll work on it.

Congrats to all the winners, and remember you just ran out of laps or luck!
Tom Neave EDM Mod (After Jeff H pulled over for 2 laps when he and Chris H tangled and the gentleman didn’t want to drive off)
Ryan Davenport EDM 17.5 Sportsman
Dave Peek EDM 13.5
Alan Weber EDM 17.5 Outlaw
Michael Rowley Sprint Mod
Bill Rockenstyre Late Model 17.5
Bill Rockenstyre Late Model 13.5

All the mains featured some great runs with the eventual leader having trouble and fighting back to prevail in the end.

OK, that all I can muster on 3 hours of sleep.

See Ya……..Aug 25 …………..At The Track …..(Bub’s Backyard)



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