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WDRA 2012 Race #6 June 23rd The Pine Bowl Sponsored by Mad Moose Graphics.

This is race #6 of the 2012 WDRA Series Mad Moose Graphics is sponsoring this event.

Which will be held at The Pine Bowl 471 Waterbury Rd, Nassau,NY 12123 (518)727-3456

Door open at 8am racing starts at 12pm there will open practice and controlled practice by class.

Racing format is 2 ifmar style 4 minute heats.
5 cars qualify for mains with bump ups form lower mains.
Lower mains will be 4 minute A mains will be laps.
There will Award plaques for the top 3 finishers in the A mains.

There are six classes to choose from
Sportsman 17.5 DODC Spec (Blinky) EDM Banned List applies
Outlaw 17.5 EDM
358 13.5 DODC EDM
Open Mod Sprint
Late Model 13.5 DODC (Blinky)
Late Model 17.5 DODC (Blinky) Banned List Applies.

Entry fee is $20 for first entry and $15 for each additional.

There will be give aways of door prizes from are great sponsors.

For any questions on rules or this event send me or KirtC a pm

Also check out are Website WDRARC.com and are facebook group WDRA RC Racing

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Track opening ceremonies this Sunday 17 June at 11:00am
General Pick followed by hot laps until 6:00 pm

Hot Lap Friday Night June 22
$5 4:00-9:30pm

See Ya.....At The Track

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Had a great time at the pine bowl today. Thanks Kirt and the wdra for putting on a great race, Im sure we'll be back again. Thanks to SH for the tip on the distance we were from the valley, we went to eat and headed right to the races for a great night there too.

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Great day of racing a big thank you to Kirt and Ann for having us. Thank you to all the racers that came out to race next stop the summer nationals at Lake Ariel Pa July 13-15th

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Thank you Kirt and family, for letting us play in your backyard. WDRA events are always fun. All the sponsors are great. Mad Moose Graphics- the only thing I can say WOW. That is the first trophy I can proudly use weekly.

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Hi GUys
I just found out some of you do not get to Dirtoval.com
So here is the post from there:

Oh what GREAT DAY !!!!!

Great racing action
Highly competitive
Fantastic door prices from our Sponsors:
Mad Moose Graphics, the race sponsor not only supplied plaques for 1-3 in all divisions, they also provided the winner of each class with a fully wrapped body!!!
Over a $700 value. Now that’s a sponsor stepping up.

Our other race sponsors where also tremendous with Boca Bearings and Lefthander R/C providing a bunch of cash coupons and merchandise. And don’t forget each race you attend gets you a change at the Tower Hobbies donated Futaba radio system.

The weather was great with sunny skies, but gave us a scare around 3:00 with a storm to the north getting close and whipping up 30+ mph winds. Have you ever been hit with pine cones, needles and branches while trying to drive an R/C that’s changing lanes on its own due to the wind???.

But the rain stayed away and just allowed us to run the show a little quicker.

Thank YOU racers for all your support at the Pine Bowl. I know there is something different in the atmosphere when we come here and I feel that it is lacking in so many ways; but you all seem to have a blast. Today you had so much fun you’ve convinced me to start a regular program so stay tuned.

Goodies Headache Awards
It’s never good when I say this was an easy choice. Josh Beach had drive line failures in his 17.5 Late Model not once, not twice, but in all three runs. The last time was a broken top shaft right where the slipper eliminator bolts on !!! in 17.5 spec!!
Not to be out done, Bruce Rawleigh looses the front end of his EDM when he runs full song into someone else wreck. I hate that.

New Traction Aid Discovered
Between the rounds of heats we needed to maintain the only part of the track that sees the sun, turn 3, as it was showing signs of coming apart. A trip to the garage revealed a 3 year old case of iced team (don’t ask). 24 – 20Oz bottles later, some broom troweling and hot laps the turn had as much grip as the rest of the surface.

The winners:
Remember, you are all winners in my book; some days the other guy gets to the checkered flag first.

Tom Todd 17.5 Spec Late Model (The Ballistic Beach incident ..lol)
John Ellinger Mod Sprint ( the guys races once every 4 months and kicks butt in the hardest thing to drive; amazing).
Tom Rogers 13.5 Spec Late Model
Romoni Conti EDM 13.5 (I though it only fitting that Romo win at the Pine Bowl, after all I won at this track. Lmao)
Dave Bryan EDN 15.5 Spec Dave didn’t look like he would be in victory lane anytime soon after he struggled all Friday night trying to find something to make the car hook up, due to work didn’t get to the track until it was time for the heats and felt terrible. Well, nothing takes your mind off of not feeling good like winning a race. Of course we also had to call repeatedly to Dave and Ned to run their main as I think they were taking a siesta.
Chris Harrington EDM 17.5 Outlaw. Now before you say anything look at the results. Chris did TQ and take the early lead, but Darrin ran him down and got past as did two more cars! The fans were in shock. But never count the silver bullet out as one by one each of the three cars in front of him had their issues and Chris was able to re-take the lead on lap 45.

I think the new starting grid worked really well. There was only one main with a wreck in turn one of the first lap; all the others saw the line up get single file very quickly and some quality racing followed.

I want to thank every one for all their help throughout the day. Not just the ususal three great tech guys, but Brett for the use of his video camera, we’ll have the races uploaded as soon as possible. But Bruce R and everyone that grabbed broom, the hose, the tarp, or anything else that needed to be done. Thank YOU !!!

Random Thoughts
• Great to see some of the boys from CT. Looking forward to running with them more.
• Looked like everyone enjoyed the R/C museum pieces I pulled out of the garage.
• Hats off to Brett Barkley, his first year back after a long lay-off and he runs second in the highly competitive EDM 17.5 Spec class.
• Good to see Shilo and to see him have a great run in EDM Outlaw
• Scott Victory can seem to buy a victory as for the second or third time this year has sensor wire troubles with his motor.
• John Ellinger a 1st and 2nd. I think he likes the Pine Bowl
• Once again I have to give a shout out to my crew chief for getting by ride ready so I too get to run some laps; thank Darrin (and Scott V)
• Steve Rogers really turned some heads with the qualifying job he did in EDN Outlaw. A brand new car and full DODC equipped. He didn’t have the results to show how good he and that car were. Nice job Mr. Sponsor extraordinaire.

Next Up…………The Summer Nationals…………..July 13-15

Keep up with that thread as we get closer with event details and potentially another class.

Until then..

See Ya……….At The Track


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