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The 3rd round of the South African Championships were held in the city of Durban, from 30 June to 1 July. The organisers saw a record entry in both 1/10th Touring and 1/8th scale, on the most technical track in South Africa. Reigning South African Champion Wayne Joelson driving the Mugen Seiki MRX5 won all qualifying rounds, and after an engine cut in the 45 minute final managed to take back the lead and win with minutes remaining.

1. Wayne Joelson – Mugen Seiki MRX5/Novarossi
2. Dave Wiseman – Serpent 966TE/Mega
3. Daryn Green – Serpent 966/Novarossi
4. Arnold Vermaak – Edam Razor/Novarossi
5. Faizel Salie – Serpent 966/Picco
6. Willie Noordman – Mugen Seiki MRX5/Novarossi
7. Fred Schonken – Serpent 966/Novarossi
8. Henry Mostert – Mugen Seiki MRX5/Novarossi
9. Ayrton Vermaak – Edam Razor/Novarossi
10. Anderton Smith – Serpent 966/Novarossi

There are two rounds remaining in the 2012 season, with the next event help at the famous TRAP facility near Pretoria.

Thanks for Wayne Joelson for sending the report.

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