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Washtenaw RC Raceway 2004-05 Indoor Dirt!!!

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Washtenaw RC Raceway Will open November 13th!

500ft of racing surface!!! 100ft back straight.
32ft Drivers stand.

Track Building:
November 8th- November 12th at 5pm.
Volunteers are welcome and appreciated.
Please bring Shovels, Rakes, Wheelbarrows, Sledge Hammers, Electric Screw Drivers.
We will build the track, then ALL Volunteers will be able to have the rest of the time to practice and help tune the track.
We will try to bring in our timing system for some time trials also.

Track Opens
November 13th 8 am
November 27th- 1st point race
December 4th
December 18th
January 8th
January 22nd
February 5th
February 19th
March 5th- Last Points Race
March 12th Run for Fun with Points series prizes awarded and MORE!!!

Door open at 8 am
Plenty of parking, electricity, Lots of tables... but get there early, they fill up fast!! Or, bring your own. HUGE pit area!
Hot food concessions in the building.

$13 1st entry
$10 for ech additional entry

Mini T- open all hop ups allowed.
Stock Truck
Stock Buggy
Mod Truck Brushless allowed
Mod buggy Brushless allowed
Mod 4 wheel drive HOME OF THE RC Product Designs TC3 "O"!!!
EMAXX 12 cells, Stock motors, all other hop up allowed.
3 cars make class.
Class needs to average 8 vehicles to be eligible for the Point series.

Flyer will be posted soon.

Come and Join the fun!!!

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Nov 27, My Birthday (will be out of town for Thanksgiving weekend).
Jan 8, Wife's Birthday

Yikes! Looks like my 2 drops may already be accounted for........ Darn! I hate when that happens!

Really looking forward to the Washtenaw indoor season. Great place, great people, excellent atmosphere.
I am looking forward to some great monster truck racing!
Monster Truck Racing

You will definitely get that!!! Top Emaxx Drivers were running close to the top Stock Stadium Truck time last year!!!
Well Tom....
You will have to make it up to her on January 7th or 9th!!! OR... BOTH!!! LOL!
We'll see about the 8th, Karen's pretty cool about that stuff, but Washtenaw is an all day thing!

Bought my new MF2 Monday.... It's ready for electronics now.... May have a XXXTMF for sale soon.
It won't be long now..

I am looking forward to the start of the racing season.
I am trying to get a copy of the layout from Carlos. TOP SECRET STUFF!!!
Track Design

Track design in almost complete!!!
Look for a more technical track with a lot of good racing areas.
We will post pics soon!!
Any comments on that MF2 yet Tom?
Is it worth the money to trade up from a slightly used MF1?
Oh yeah. I really like it. It seems really planted. But also it is new. It's possible that if I took my MF1 and made all the joints like new it would feel good too. But I really like the MF2 and the way it handles so far. I think I am quicker with it. It seems to turn better with no slide out unless I crack the throttle to make it.
Does this track have a web site? Can someone provide a phone number or address if not?

Is there a hobby shop on site? If so, what is supported?
Jason, DJ1978 (Dan) is one of the main organizers of Washtenaw RC Raceway, without Dan and Carlos Washtenaw would not happen. Neither one of them is affiliated with a hobby shop, but they have arranged for some support from Riders in Ypsilanti. They bring in a basic supply of parts for Losi, AE, and a little Traxxas & Duratrax. They also bring in some tires, motors, batteries, and other like accessories. There was a website for Washtenaw that was run by Carlos but I think it bacame a little much for him to keep it updated so most of the Washtenaw info gets passed on thru this site and rcpimp.com, beyond that it's word of mouth & some flyers.

If you want more detailed info, PM Dan here at DJ1978.

David (& Jason), I don't know the exact street address of the track, but it is (will be) located at the Washtenaw Farm Council fair grounds on Saline Rd just South of Ann Arbor MI. It will be built inside building "F" for FUN!

I live in Pontiac & drive out there to race even though threr is a closer indoor track to me because I love it out there. If you can make it out, please do, you won't regret it.
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yea i i get a chance i might come out and see ur track
Tom, I will try for sure. I have wanted to race my B4 for some time. However, im getting married this Saturday so i'll be gone for a bit with the honeymoon :). I will check back in on this topic around the end of October.
Jason, Congratulations! Best wishes! And have a naughtily fun Honeymoon!

David, I just sold some stuff to reduce my "load", so this year I will be running Stock Buggy, Mod Truck, and E-Maxx. Last year I ran 4wd open, Mod truck, E-Maxx, & Mini-T. Sold the 4wd to reduce Motor maintenance it needed so much (Low turn motors!) & sold the mini-T just because.
cool cause all i have to run indoor is mod truck
New to Hobby

This message is for anyone that is interested in racing at this track but may feel a little intimidated because you're new to the hobby. DON'T BE.

Last year was my 10 year old and my first year of racing at an organized track. I couldn't have felt more welcome. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful. There are many people that have been racing for quite a while and are more than willing to offer advice and assistance to us Newbies.

This year my wife will be joining us in racing. We will all race in the novice class as our driving skills put our cars tire side up more often than tire side down but we all have to start somewhere.

We are looking forward to another fun year. :hat:
David, you could run that brushless in mod truck there!

Mosborne - :thumbsup:
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