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This item is currently listed at a website:

Mattel Matchbox Superfast Limited Edition 2006 1/15,500 Rel K Full Case

This case includes: 1 #4 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Streaker, 1 #11 Mercedes Benz E Class Taxi, 1 #12 Mini Cooper, 2 #13 Chevrolet Silverado SS, 1 #24 Chevy Corvette C6, 1 #25 BMW Z3, 2 #50 1957 Lincoln Premere, 1 #52 Ford Mustang 428, 1 #63 Ford Focus, 1 #74 Porsche Cayenne

Regular price: $36.00 Sale price: $28.00

I am offering the following CARS play set as an even trade for MATCHBOX NSF 2006 Release K FULL CASE as listed above:

Disney - Pixar CARS Mater's Rollin Bowlin' Play Set. As MNIB as they come with little to no shelf ware. The model is pictured (my personal one removed from my play set) below is a separate model and from the series and is not available originally packaged any other way but in the play set. Some have been offered on OFAS (ebay) in a blister pack and is not the official package offer by Mattel.

The play set will be wrapped well and sent to your address shipping paid by myself. And should you want this play set, you will pay for the case and shipping to my address in turn. There are no hidden loops in this trade. It is a solid offer to trade and should you have any questions please reply here only. To be fair, no other correspondence with be honored except here. Thanks for the read, olesarge90/Gill
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