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Hey gang!

I am in need of 4 of the Lunar Models "Outer Limits" resin figure models. I have...
  • The Sixth Finger
  • The Zanti Misfit Penal Colony Ship with Bruce Dern figure
  • The Tourist Attraction "Ichthyosaurus Mercurius"
  • The Children of Spider County "Eros"
  • The Invisible Enemy "Sand Shark"
I need...
  • The Galaxy Being
  • The Architects of Fear "Thetan"
  • The Nightmare "Ebonite"
  • The Chameleon
If you have any of the four that I need and are willing to "reduce the herd" in your closet, please let me know.
I have a few rare resin figure kits that I can trade, but of course, I have cash!

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