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Thanks to our sponsors

The very first thing I need to do is thank the companies who were so generous in providing door prizes for the race. Literally EVERY ONE who was signed up to race went home with a door prize.

Phantom provided some of their great Stock motors; and some really nice T-shirts.

Associated provided a large sampling of their front end parts, and various other bits and pieces from their huge catalog. A *LOT* of bits and pieces!

SMC provided a big box of their stokin' battery packs; with some really nice numbers on them.

And Jaco gave away enough tires to stock a small hobby shop!

That kind of support is important to the success of any race; and Thunder Road appreciates their generosity. Thanks to all of you. Ernie P. :cool:

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Well, the racing at Thunder Road on December 4th, was fast and furious. I'll post more later; but the bare bones results of the 2004 Virginia Oval Championships were as follows:


TQ Chris Rhinehart 65/402.27

1 Chris Rhinehart 2 Steve Downs

3 Matt Tyson

4 Jessie Bean

5 “Big Clay”

6 Bill Auchterlonie

19 Turn

TQ Chris Rhinehart 68/4:00.83

1 Steve Downs

2 Richie McDonald

3 Chris Rhinehart

4 McLin

5 Gary Warren

6 Eric Thomas


TQ Harolde Ruckle 58/401:03

1 Harold Ruckle

2 Roger Foley

3 Gary Thurman

4 Steve Nelson

Mini T’s

1 Steve Walker

2 Jessie Bean

3 Bryan Farmer


1 Steve Smith

2 Ray Foley

3 Jessie Bean

Chris Rhinehart had every one covered in Stock and 19-turn; but I hope he shared the two (very big) checks he collected with Jazzy. Chris was a bit off the pace, earlier in the evening; but Jazzy kept on twisting the wrenches, and, when it counted, Chris stuck it to every one. Great racing; a great bunch of guys; a great time! And if any one ever says that the "big time" racers get nasty when there's big money on the line... tell them Ernie P. says thats pure BS! I've never seen a nicer group of racers.

Hmmm.... think we should do this more often? Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:

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Actually, the Legends class hasn't gone anywhere! We've had a good turnout of Legends cars at all of our big races. Thanks; Ernie P. :cool:
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