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WallMart is struggling with these cars!!!

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What you are about to read is true....only the names have been changed to protect to stupid.

Since the clam shell "Gold Series" Muscle Cars started to show up at Wallmart, I have heard some strang tails. I only remember these cars from TRU, so I have no idea how the came up with them. Unless it was in a deal cut to empty RC2's old inventory.

But at any rate, I had never picked these cars up when they were new at TRU. Imagine that, I thought they were TOO expensive! :freak: (Who could forsee the day where a CHEAP Johnny would cost over $4!) But I thought I would start looking for them, I wanted to add them to my collection. This is where the story begins!

Now remember, this is all in ONE day!!!

The first Mart...they did not scan at the pole mounted price checker, so I asked a lady who was walking by with one of those hand held scanners to please check it. When she scanned it, she replied "Oh, I'm sorry, you can't buy those." and took the one I had handed her, AND THE ONE I WAS HOLDING right out of my hand! She promptly turned and started clearing the shelf's of the others!

Stop Two...Found the same set ( release #2) and though they did not scan, I took all six to the counter and was informed they would be $4.35 plus tax. Well, alot higher then I had heard of others paying , but I wanted them, so OK, I ponyed up the cash.

Stop Three...None to be found, Now I am looking for the first set or release.

Stop Four....zip, nada

Stop Five....goose egg! Oh well, one more location on my way home. Maybe, I thought, they only recived release #2 and never even got #1.

Stop Six...Last one in my area. YEA! Two full sets of release 1 ( and no #2) so I pick the best condition of each of the six rides and head to the front. I hate the $4.35 part, but hey, what ya' gonna' do? The fellow ringging me up say "Wow, this must be an exclusvive (sp?) set". "Why do you say that?" I ask. "Well, the price" he says. And I say," what price". And he says...."Thier $13.80 each plus tax"

At this point, I picked up my chin from the ground and said there had to be a mistake, he called over his manager, and I did a quick run through, and he simply said..."Sorry, you can make up whatever you want, but if you want THESE cars, they will be $13.80 each".

I guess I will go without release #1. These cars have caused a HUGH kink in the Wallmart chain! I have no idea why. But again, at $14 bucks each, (and a BUNCH of rude Wally workers) I will pass.

And the moral of this long rant ( and thank you for letting me get it off my chest) is this....

"And I thought the orgional TRU price was to high" :p :p :p

See you guys! Have a great weekend!
Ward :wave:
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Man that sucks,were they line in gold.What were they thinking.
I saw the last series of these on the pegs at WM and the price was around $2.50. I already had the castings I wanted so I passed on them.
they should have looked at the $4.24 sticker on the box when they opened them.Wm workers just throw them up w/o checking them first.
I stopped at WAL*MART today and scanned a Poker Series car for the price because HT members said they were still $4.24 at WAL*MART. Well, "see an associate for help" came up on the scanner! :p

But yesterday at the same WAL*MART I bought a Chevy Thunder '57 Chevy for $1.00! :rolleyes:

I get the biggest kick out of the vests that WAL*MART associates wear. You know, the ones that say "Ask me if I can help".
I think WalMart is loosing control these days. It seems like no one has any idea what is going on. I went to all 3 Lafayette Walmarts tonight, all 3 have different stock at different prices. FOr the last week, the WM closest to my house has had an empty car aisle, with 1-3 pegs filled every day, but the rest is BARE. What is so difficult about just sticking the cars out there!?

So far, no issues with being told I cant purchase something, but I havent bought any JL's lately, been just snagging a few MB and Jada's.
to think i almost felt guilty taking a bunch of these of their hands for $1 each. :tongue: :wave:
I went thru that tonight when I found a 70 ford taladaga and it was series 69 muscle cars and the lady said she couldn't sell me the taladaga and I said why not and she said they aren't supoose to be on the shelves yet. Ok I'll buy that so I left empty handed. But in the clearance isle they had old stock for a 1.00 each. Go figure that one out.
I would"nt leave the store until they asked sam walton the correct price.. What is up with these nimrods?? Cant they get anything right?? They lie, hide and hoard all the good stuff and still overcharge you by $9!!!!! I tried to buy my 1/24 nova wl's and the guy with the scally hands had to rering at the seld checkout and ruin the package and then say "yeah its not on file you cant have it" i bacame IRate and attempted to gived him $15 and leave the store. Theres a reason I use self scan, associates will look at what you are buying and question you, say how did you get this, get soda on it, or my favorite THROW IT IN THE BAG!!! If all else fails i say" Can I scan this, its a collector thing" ahhwell heres to walmart!
I never liked WM. I shop their because they have some cheap deals, but when I have a choice, I will always looks elsewhere first.
Brutal stories!!! My WM doesn't have anything anyway so I guess I can't be a part of that overcharging, unable-to-sell-stuff-even-though-its-on-the-shelf fun! :drunk:
I wonder if those $14.00 cars were entered into that store's system as 1:24 scale pieces.
Even Wallys in the same state have different pricing. :freak: At one WM, the 1:24 cars were marked with $7 clearance tags. At another I went to today they were marked 12 or 13 bucks and change. :confused:
I've seen the $1 Gold Series 2 cars at only 1 WM (they all went home with me) :)
And here I thought that not finding them around here was a problem, but $13.00+ for a 1/64th car?! WOW :eek: Makes me glad that I got the GTO back at Fest '06.
I had a similar but slightly different experience. Stocker at a local Walmart opened the case of Gold Series cars and hung them while I was there. I got the Superbird WL and went to the the checkout lanes. Car would not scan. Manager was called. She took the car to go check with the Toy department to find out the scoop. She came back without the car and told me they weren't in the system and couldn't be sold yet. I told her that I had seen them at some other Walmart, which I had. She said she was sorry. I asked her what happened to the one she took from me. She said she had put it back in the case. I asked for the next level manager. Cutting to the chase. He instructed cashier how to enter the info manually, and I got the WL. I actually went to another Walmart and found the AMX WL in the same Gold Series. The receipt I had gotten from store 1 made it a smooth transaction at store 2.

Frank Hamilton
It's a great time to be a Johnny Lightning collector, eh? Hopefully we'll look on this in a year and laugh at the growing pains after a successful year. Yeah, here's hoping.
Frankly, I would've said come out to the car and look at the bag of cars I just purchased at the other WM and showed that manager the reciept. He accused you of making the whole thing up...that's incredibly irritating.

But he probably would've said you planted the reciept and the cars in a WM bag to make your story look credible. Of course you could always have demanded to see someone over his head.
Stopped by the one on the way home and this is what they had:

Gold Series $9 (What the...$9 clearance)
Regular JL $3 (again a CLEARANCE price)
1:24 $9 (better than the $14 some have been told but worse than the $7 others have been) I picked up the 1:24 Nova and it is coming out of the package tomorrow.
I found a set of these at at WM in Nitro, WV, which were not priced. The scanner said "see associate for assisitance". When I did locate an associate, she said, "Oh, those are not in the system yet, just tell the cashier they are $4.24 each." I did that and walked away with a white 66 Nova and a blue 66 GTO for $4.24 a piece.

I found a set of these at a WM in Ontario, OH, much closer to my home, on the clearance aisle for $3.00 each. I took a turquiose 66 Charger, an orange 69 AMX and a bronze 71 442 to the self checkout and lo and behold! they rang up at $3.00 each!

At another WM here in Central Ohio, the associate said they were not supposed to have been put out on the racks since they did not come up in her system at the register. I did not purchase the yellow Superbird and walked away.

Pretty inconsistent form store to store.
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