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Go to the Walbro web site and there are some good downloads of IPLs and technical info from them. Don't soak the carb in any harsh chemicals, and don't spray any strong cleaners, like Berrymans B 12 or any other kind of carb & choke spray through the main nozzle, or you risk damaging the check valve. I use a brake cleaner spray for flushing out the passageways, as it is not as harsh. If this carb is all corroded from water, there is probably nothing left to fix. Likewise, if it has sat with fuel in it, the varnish and gum deposits may have already damaged the high speed check valve, and plugged some of the circuits beyond hope. But try it, all you will be out is a little time. Be sure to pressure test it to be sure the fuel pump side and inlet needle are holding, do not go over 10 PSI for this test. I can't remember what to set the metering lever at, if you can't find it on the web site, let me know and I will check my Walbro gauge to see if it is flush or below the edge of the carb body. Good Luck!
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