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You probably have all of the skill that you need to repair this carb. The small pop pressure gauge is an invaluable tool in checking any 2 cycle carb. If you have access to a test pump, then affix the pump tube to the fuel inlet line and pump until you observe the pressure stop building. This will be your pop pressure. Now watch the gauge as it bleeds down and check to see at what pressure the needle reseats. This pressure should be at least ten psi. If it is lower the fuel pump pressure is five to seven pounds and it may not allow the needle to reseat. This causes fuel to run into the engine until pump pressure bleeds of and gives you the exact hard start after shutdown that you have. Of course it could be something else, but this is as far as I know the most common fault.
I have worked on these carbs a good bit and they are fixable without the pump, the pump just makes it a lot easier.
I suggest that you clean the carb good and inspect the needle and seat carefully. Use a Qtip to swab the seat, but make sure you blow any cotton fuzz away afterwards with air. Install the new seat. then with the metering lever back in place. Look at the height of the lever tip. On MOST Walbro the top of lever is set level with the two carb body bosses on each side of it. Look at the meter lever height before you remove it if you haven't already done so Good luck, Tom
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