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Waddel Warp Circuit for 18" TOS-E

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My next project is an 18" enterprise and its going to be lit (I've been corrupted by all the lighting builds and videos)

So the plan is an Dons light and Magic Waddel Warp Circuit kit. Before I spend $80 though i have some worries.

I only have limited electronics experience. An almost forgotten high school electronics class. I'm somewhat familiar with the components, soldering wire, de-soldering (don't own a vacuum at this point) resistor codes etc, but the only circuits I've built are some simple 555 timers and only on a bread board, never soldered to a board. I've never soldered an entire board up.

Do the chips in the kit require heatsinks for soldering?
Does anyone have a scan of the instructions for the kit, so I can see ifs its something I want to tackle?
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not completly tied to the DLM kit, I see that voodoofx has a nacelle effect kit for the 18" TOS-e but its being "redesigned" so not available right now :( .

I definitely want the nacelle dome lighting, blinking red/green nav lights, windows etc. I don't believe the TOS-E has any strobes.
Instead of soldering the chips directly, you might want to consider soldering in sockets for the chips and install them in afterwards. However, sockets for the 18" ship might raise the chips too high to allow you to close up the hull properly... there must be some sort of solution to the problem!

I have to dig up my Wadell circuit board but I don't have any time left today to do that. I work later shift and it's getting time to start getting ready for work for me.
good idea about soldering in the chip sockets. thanks.

I haven't ruled out the idea of putting some of the circuits in a base and running wire to lights if I have to.
I think the new ones come with sockets.....ask Don.
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