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Vw 1600 tl

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Another 1/43 Politoys - VW 1600 TL. Not the greatest condition but its a rare model.

(The Porsche was yesterday's flea market find, this one is today's flea market find)

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Is this casting late '60s - early '70s?
If so, it's pretty crazy little details for it`s time. Immpressive.

And the body itself is really well done.
Crisp lines and correct proportions, and even wheels specific to a VW.

About the only imperfection is the window frames on the doors are too wide.

Thanks a lot for sharing this little treasure with us!

:wave: LMX
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Yep, this one was issued in 1968, and would have remained in the range until about 1972 or thereabouts (its a bit hazy as to when the models were withdrawn).

They also did a Squareback, but although they'd planned to make it just as detailed, they realised the company was going bankrupt so they simplified it and made it the first in a cheaper range called the Export Series with way less detail.
Noice! Thanks for the informative reply. :thumbsup:
Still cool, but wow, what a difference. The fastback is so much nicer like you said.

I'd be willing to bet our friend Mick has a few of these. Probably several!
You could say rare doesn't necessarilly mean desirable.
I have an '85 Jag XJ-SC with a 3 piece removable hrdtp of which only 300 were imported to the U.S. Nobody wants the damn thing!
I've thought about that too.
The thing is just too rotted. I'm sick of fixing cars that should have been junked.
Maybe it's a noble deed to save old cars, but I'll let someone else save this one and put that energy into my '71 Imperial and my 2 '68 Furys.
Me too, that Lancia is great!
Love the different colors of the Vee-Dub too.
That cream color makes that car look like a little gem...a cream-puff!
Looks like it could easily be a 1/25.
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