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Vw 1600 tl

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Another 1/43 Politoys - VW 1600 TL. Not the greatest condition but its a rare model.

(The Porsche was yesterday's flea market find, this one is today's flea market find)

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Still cool, but wow, what a difference. The fastback is so much nicer like you said.

I'd be willing to bet our friend Mick has a few of these. Probably several!

I do, I have an almost mint green Fastback,a slightly playworn green squareback and a mint blue squareback as well as a tatty white Tekno notchback.These are fine toys with lots of character, Dinky did a 1/42 fastback which is one of their better efforts if a little too large!
I've thought about that too.
The thing is just too rotted. I'm sick of fixing cars that should have been junked.
Maybe it's a noble deed to save old cars, but I'll let someone else save this one and put that energy into my '71 Imperial and my 2 '68 Furys.
The world is awash with fine old cars that deserve good homes and still have lots of life left in them but are being scrapped because nobody wants them. The XJS wasnt Jag´s finest achievement......
That Marklin squareback is a superb casting with wonderful close fit opening parts,nicer than either Politoys IMHO!
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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