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The long awaited VRC Pro Off-Road is now finally released, starring the immensely popular 4WD Short Course trucks. The release marks a milestone in the history of VRC; the leap from on-road to off-road racing. Virtual RC are very happy to finally welcome the off-road community into VRC Pro and give them nothing less than a true off-road experience. Virtual Short Course is said to be realistic beyond belief. Beta testers and others who have tried it, including Scotty Ernst, Rick Howard from Team Associated and off-road champions Atsushi Hara and Hayoto Matzusaki say “awesome … the realism of VRC Pro short course is spot-on”.

New features
- Replay system, view your own races now
- Race against replay: race against your own or other replay cars, with and without collision, also multi-player sessions can be recorded
-* New dynamic camera system, car now moves dynamically on the screen for more realism and speed sensation
- Controller mapping to easily enable hook up a gamepad to VRC Pro
- Improved physics for on-road cars
- Several updates on tracks and components
- Extra sound and game options
- Achievement system: you get a reward (points) for certain challenges like driving 100 km, going 25 laps without crashing, driving at 90% of the official track record, winning your first multiplayer race or official event etc.

Source: VRC [vrcpro.com]

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