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Both in red - the most appropriate colour for these cars. The original Golf was designed by Giugiaro, and was a new direction from VW - the GTi launched in '76 started a new class in Europe - the "hot hatch".

The Mk II GTi came along in 1985. It was a bit bigger, but, maintained the theme. The subsequent Mk III & IV continued to grow, in both size & weight and somehow weren't quite the same chuckable little car. The latest Mk V seems to have reversed the trend - although with 197hp compared to the Mk Is 110hp....

Norev - Mk I GTi

Altaya - Mk II GTi

As for the models the Norev Mk I is a better representation than the Altaya Mk II - which hasn't quite nailed the shape & some of the detailing is inferior, the most notable being the omission of the red stripe around the grill.


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