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I'm looking to complete my vintage (80's) Hot Wheels Real Riders collection. I'm looking to buy or swap. I do have several Real Riders loose in display condition as well as carded.

Specifically, I'm looking for the following models:
- Beach Patrol (grey and white hub)
- A-OK
- Super Scraper (white hub)
- 3 Window '34 (white hub)
- '57 T-bird (red and black version with white hubs)
- Baja Breaker Van (white hub)
- Baja Bug (red with 'Baja Bug' tampo)
- Cadillac Seville (Grey from France)
- Classic Corbra (blue with white hubs and version blue with yellow stripes)
- Dream Van (green Mexico release)
- Jeep Scrambler (grey with white hubs)
- Split Window '63 (black with grey hubs)
- Split Window '63 (gold with white hubs)

May also be interested in others not listed, especially rare releases. PM me!! :)
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