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Last weekend the Norwegian 1/10 modified Championships was held on the track at Sørlihavna in Norway. Sørlihavna is a track in Lørenskog that is made only for 1/10 size cars and features a technical layout which is extremely fun to drive on. On Saturday there was 4 qualifying heats. In group 1 there was current Norwegian Champion in 1/10 track Fredrik Flatland who set the pace with Tor Arne Nicolaisen pushing from behind. In group 2 Oskar Aleksander Fjeld set the pace with Thomas Holmesland driving at a steady pace. In group 3 Viktor Wilck from Sweden set the bar with an exceptionally fast and good driving with Øyvind Stusdal and Joakim Nicolaisen just a lap down.

Top 10 after qualification:
1. Viktor Wilck – Tamiya
2. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray
3. Joakim Nicolaisen – Team Associated
4. Fredrik Flatland – Xray
5. Oskar Aleksander Fjeld – Xray
6. Christer Antonsen – Xray
7. Hans Nikolaisen – Xray
8. Thomas Holmesland – Serpent
9. Gøran Langsholt – Xray
10. Lars A. Andersen – Xray

On Sunday the finals was driven and the tension was huge, could Joakim or Øyvind battle with Viktor’s great pace and skill? Viktor came too late to marshal in the first final and got a penalty, the loss of his best heat. The door was then open for Øyvind and Joakim to win the race. It was close and good driving between all the drivers, after 5 minutes Joakim was only 4 seconds behind Viktor. In the second final Viktor was showing why he is a top class driver, he held his head cool through the final with an average laptime on 13.569, just 2 tenths off his fastest lap in that heat. Joakim took the second place in front of Øyvind. In the third final the drivers had to look after their tires. Joakim held Viktor’s pace battling for first place for a long time, but had to back off and protect his second place with Øyvind coming fast from behind. It was only 2 seconds separating them after 5 minutes, with the local track hero Fredrik only 1 second away from a third place.

Top 10 after finals:
1. Viktor Wilck – Tamiya
2. Joakim Nicolaisen – Team Associated
3. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray
4. Oskar Aleksander Fjeld – Xray
5. Christer Antonsen – Xray
6. Gøran Langsholt – Xray
7. Thomas Holmesland – Serpent
8. Fredrik Flatland – Xray
9. Lars A. Andersen – Xray
10. Hans Nikolaisen – Xray

Thanks to Thomas Holmesland for the report.

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