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Since no one celebrates the ground hog any more except the grade school children. I thought we all could with Victory's first Ground Hog Dirt Day. Track will open at 8am with racing at noon. Race fee is $15.00 for the first class and $10.00 for the second. $5.00 for each antry goes into the pot for each class and will be split up depending on postion for the a-main drivers

Don't worry there will be bump ups for each main. The main thing is to have fun. Tire rules are foam tires or NON off-road tires. No Silicone or caped tire

4 wheel latemodel 19trn/4300 (with sidedam)
4 wheel latemodel stock ( without sidedam)
2wd (gearbox and direct drive together unless enough to split)
2 wheel latemodel stock ( with sidedam)
2 wheel latemodel open mod ( with sidedam)
EDM class ( motor depends on showing)
Stock truck
Mod Truck
Mod Sprint Cars
1/18 box Stock Mini's ( allow latemodel body NO sidedam)
1/18 Modifieded mini ( brushless and lipos allowed)

Track is in Green Bay Wi

Stayed tuned for any changes or additional info
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