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Vesa Yli is 2012 Finnish champion

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Vesa Yli has claimed the Finnish National 1/12th scale title after last weekend’s fourth round nationals. The current Nordic Champion dominated the first 2 rounds of the nationals by taking TQ and the win in both rounds and finished 3rd in the following round before the season ending race. This meant that Vesa kept the top spot in the championship battle from the first race thru the season, just like Janne Valtanen did in the 10.5t blinky spec class, both driving V-Dezign Carpet Ripper V. Current Euro champ Simo Ahoniemi finished 2nd followed by team mate Teemu Saarinen. Panu Vehniäinen and Miko Teponoja showed strong performance and took 4th and 5th in modified, both also driving V-Dezign cars.

Top 10 in Modified class after 4 rounds
1. Vesa Yli – Team V-Dezign / Nosram / Reedy
2. Simo Ahoniemi
3. Teemu Saarinen
4. Panu Vehniäinen – Team V-Dezign
5. Miko Teponoja – Team V-Dezign
6. Pekka Koivula
7. Tony Raikas
8. Lari Jäppinen
9. Sami Munck
10.Henri Fredriksson – Team V-Dezign

Top 10 in Spec class after 4 rounds
1. Janne Valtanen – Team V-Dezign / Nosram / CS
2. Pasi Lento
3. Antti Luoto – Team V-Dezign* / Nosram / CS
4. Marko Vähäkuopus
5. Janne Liinkangas – Team V-Dezign
6. Miika Laurila
7. Sami Haapsaari
8. Miikka Rahikainen – Team V-Dezign
9. Janne Aspinen – Team V-Dezign
10.Jari Virtanen – Team V-Dezign

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper V was the most used chassis at Finnish nationals by taking 40% share – combining both classes! Total 42 drivers took part to the championship races.

Source: V-Dezign [v-dezign.net]

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