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The 2012 Futaba OS Jakarta Open which is the annual yearly event of Jakarta International Twin Circuit track was held last weekend. A strong 106 competitors from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam took part in the 1/10 200mm and 1/8 classes. The qualifying was on Saturday with three 5 minute rounds with a final round on Sunday before the Main Final. The qualifying started with very sunny conditions and the track surface had medium grip with a few bumpy sections.

It was Meen Vejrak who completely dominated the qualifying round on 1/10 class making 18 laps in 5.02, the Thai ace improve by one second in heat 3 with his KM HK-1. Nicholas Lee from Singapore was the closest driver to the TQ man 3.5 seconds behind Meen also with KM HK-1. Charlee Putiyotin (KM HK-1) and Bowie Ginting (Xray NT1) and defending champion Teddy Syach with his Mugen MTX-5 completed the top 5.

In the 1/8 class, Teddy Syach showed total domination by making 20 laps in 5.07 with his Mugen MRX5. Followed by Meen, 6 seconds behind also with Mugen MRX5. Bowie Ginting placed his Xray RX8, 1.5 seconds behind Meen and was the last man who took 20 laps. Bad luck for Nicholas Lee, who made 20 laps in 5.11 in the last round but was DQ’d due to his fuel tank and had to use his previous best time of 19 laps in 5.07, which put him in 6th place behind Erwin Luhur (Xray RX8) and Sadikin Sutrisno (Xray RX8).

1/10 Final (45 Minutes)
1/10 Final was started on 1 P.M.

1′ : Meen and Nicholas got a very good start while Charlee was spun and made contact with a few guys
(Top 5 : Meen, Nicholas, Teddy, Trin, Aswin)
6′ : An incident between two guys in the pitlane, Charlee flamed out, Bowie recovered from last place caused by incident with 6th place
(Meen, Nicholas, Teddy, Trin, Azri)
14′: Dimas flamed out, Teddy start to pressure Nicholas for 2nd place. Aswin needed his muffler fixed by his mechanic
(Meen, Nicholas, Teddy, Azri, Trin)
19′: Teddy made a mistake twice and hit the gravel, Bowie moved up to 3rd while Trin flamed out. Azri set the fastest lap before on 21′, Nicholas set the newest one.
(Meen, Nicholas, Bowie, Teddy, Charlee)
25′: Many drivers do a tyre changes. Meen and Nicholas still on the track. Trin retired from the race. Teddy took Bowie’s place after tyre changes with 1.5 seconds advantage
(Meen, Nicholas, Teddy, Bowie, Charlee)
29′: Meen and Nicholas come in to pit for tyres. The rain started and made the track a bit wet. Teddy made a mistake and let Bowie back to 3rd. Teddy also flamed out on refuel process letting Bowie increase the gap to 6.3 seconds and Charlee got closer to Teddy 9.8 seconds back.
(Meen, Nicholas, Bowie, Teddy, Charlee)
36′: Bowie started to be caught by Nicholas, 2.1 seconds back. Meen got 1 lap advantage from Nicholas. The track started to the wet condition at that moment. Many drivers spun their car
(Meen, Nicholas, Bowie, Teddy, Charlee)
39′: Wet condition set to climax. The race organizer decide to stopped the race. Meen declared as the champion followed by Nicholas and Bowie in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
(Meen, Nicholas, Bowie, Teddy, Charlee)

1/8 Final (45 minutes)
1/8 final set to ran ion 5 P.M. in a good track condition

1′ : Meen flamed out before start and had to start from the pitlane. Great start from pole man, Teddy. Bowie made a mistake and got hit by Sadikin. Nicholas and Suwardi moved to 2nd and 3rd
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Sadikin, Erwin)
7′ : Meen rejoined and set a tremendous pace. Set the best lap and stand on 7th at that moment
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Sadikin, Erwin)
12′: Bowie retired due to throttle servo failure. Meen caught up Erwin and Sadikin and was now 4 seconds behind Suwardi
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Meen, Sadikin)
18′: Nelson Lee spun to gravel, Hendry got a flame out. Meen was started to catched up Suwardi for 2 seconds behind
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Meen, Sadikin)
19′: Meen hit the barrier at the straight line, sent his rear tyres pop out and retired from the race. Erwin got a flame out
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Sadikin, Tons)
23′: Many drivers do a tyre changes, Erwin retired from the race
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Sadikin, Tons)
26′: Teddy started to made 2 laps gap from Nicholas. Sadikin got a problem after tyre change that his rear tyre didn’t put well and gone out
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Tons, Nelson)
33′: Teddy flamed out. Luckily he recovered well and remained in first place. At that time only 6 cars on track
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Sadikin, Tons)
45′: Teddy defends his title by winning the race with a 2 lap advantage from Nicholas. Suwardi took last step of podium
(Teddy, Nicholas, Suwardi, Sadikin, Tons)

1/10 Final Result:
1. Meen Vejrak (Thailand / KM Racing HK-1 Evo / Novarossi / Sanwa)
2. Nicholas Lee (Singapore / KM Racing HK-1 Evo / RB Murnan / Futaba)
3. Bowie Ginting (Indonesia / Xray NT1 2012 / Novarossi / KO Propo)
4. Teddy Syach (Indonesia / Mugen Seiki MTX5 / OS / Futaba)
5. Charlee Phutiyotin (Thailand / KM Racing HK-1 Evo / Novarossi / Sanwa)
6. Azri Amri (Malaysia / KM Racing HK-1 Evo / Novarossi / Futaba)
7. Dimas Ardian (Indonesia / Mugen Seiki MTX5 / Novarossi / FUtaba)
8. Aswin Narwandi (Indonesia / Xray NT1 / Capricorn / Sanwa)
9. Patipan Kuntong (Thailand / KM Racing HK-1 Evo / Novarossi / Sanwa)
10. Trin Tanongsachaikul (Thailand / KM Racing HK-1 Evo / Novarossi / Sanwa)

1/8 Final Result:
1. Teddy Syach (Indonesia / Mugen Seiki MRX5 / OS / Futaba)
2. Nicholas Lee (Singapore / Serpent 966-TE / OS / Futaba)
3. Suwardi SUliandy (Indonesia / Xray RX8 2012 / OS / Futaba)
4. Sadikin Sutrisno (Indonesia / Xray RX8 2012 / OS / KO Propo)
5. Toni Kundjung (Indonesia / Mugen Seiki MRX5 / OS / Sanwa)
6. Nelson Lee (Singapore / Mugen Seiki MRX5 / OS / KO Propo)
7. Hendry (Indonesia / Mugen Seiki MRX5 / OS / Sanwa)
8. Meen Vejrak (Thailand / Mugen Seiki MRX5 / OS / Sanwa)
9. Erwin Luhur (Singapore / Xray RX8 2012 / OS / Futaba)
10. Bowie Ginting (Indonesia / Xray RX8 2012 / Reds / KO Propo)

Thanks to Bowie Ginting for the report.

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