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VBC Racing have introduced their first 1/10 4wd touring car designed for competition called the Wildfire. The car has been developed from the ground up and all parts are designed with only one thing in mind, ‘Fast’. VBC put in months of intensive testing with drivers all around the globe on carpet and asphalt surfaces, even testing the car in highly competitive national and international races around the world to gather valuable data to help fine tune the car.

The main chassis and upper deck were developed from highly sophisticated CAD system which simulates the actual chassis roll during low and high speed corners with different track layout parameters. The chassis shape was then derived to provide enough flex for fast corners yet rigid enough during high speed straight line especially for today’s high powered brushless system.

Light weight true spinning gear differentials system with self developed front and rear belts makes our drive train system one of the smoothest in the market.

VBC Racing WildFire 1/10 4WD touring car features:
- 2.5mm USA Graphite Chassis
- 2.0mm USA Graphite Upper Deck
- 3.0mm USA Graphite Front and Rear Shock Towers
- Adjustable Battery Mounts
- 7075 Aluminum low CG steering system with ball bearings
- 7075 Aluminum front and rear lower arm mounts
- 7075 Aluminum low CF motor mount with heat dispense design
- All 7075 Aluminum turnbuckles, connector balls
- Ultra smooth rear gear differentials with harden steel drive cups
- High precision front spool
- 7075 aluminum hex wheel adaptor with offset markings
- 7075 Aluminum 4 settings adjustable top roll center mounts
- Full ball bearings
- 7075 Aluminum center belt tensioner with ball bearings
- VBC Racing silk smooth front and rear drive belts
- Harden steel CVDs
- VBC Racing composite front/rear suspension arms, steering blocks, C-hubs, rear uprights and ball connectors
* This kit does not include wheels, tire inserts and tires

Source: CRC [teamcrc.com]

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